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~Getting Ready for your Family Session~

~Session Time~ PLEASE arrive a little bit before your appointment time, if you arrive after your start time, you may lose some shooting time if I have another session or need travel time to the next session.

Where and when will our session be?
I shoot at public parks and properties, I have lots of locations for options. The majority of my outdoor sessions happen in the evening right before sunset.  When it comes time to decide on location, I'll send you a few suggestions based on the your style as a family, or you can request a location you've seen on my website.

What should we wear?  
Memorable Portraits take careful planning. Take some time to coordinate your outfits ahead of time. The outfits you choose will greatly affect the look and feel of your finished images. Generally picking three to four colors and building around those works well. Things like scarves, vests, jackets, and layers always look great, and don't be afraid of color. Most importantly, make sure you're comfortable. With family photography, moms and dads with kiddos will be sitting, standing, squatting, kids in their laps, kids on shoulders, hanging upside down, etc. You'll want to make sure you can bend and move without being restricted or without undergarments showing. Baby girls in dresses will need diaper covers or tights. Also, be mindful of the weather, kiddos are much happier when they're warm if it's chilly out. Don’t forget the details, pressed clothes, accessories, matching belts and shoes, don't overdo your makeup and don't try out a new hairstyle the day of the shoot.

​My husband and/or my kiddos does not like taking pictures. What can I expect during our session?  
This is a pretty common concern, but don't let it stress you out! Husbands rarely like picture day, and sometimes kiddos need a little motivation too. In my sessions we play. Plan on being very patient with your family and honestly, a little bribery is often needed for some kiddos (and a few grown ups too) so having something on hand or a fun activity planned for afterward always helps. We run around, tickle fight, play games, hang upside down, play ring around the rosie, twirl and all sorts of things to get your kids engaged. Your family photos should capture your family doing what you do. We will eventually get a few posed shots of everyone smiling and looking, but the ones we love are the ones where there are connections. The expressions we want to remember are when we're engaging with each other, not just looking at a photographer. Coming to your photo session with the expectation that you'll have fun will do a lot for the mood of your session. The most important thing that you can do is to make sure they've napped, are fed, and are dressed comfortably.  We want happy, friendly faces, so keep the attitudes with the little ones light and loving. 

What should I bring to the session?
If you have little ones, bringing snacks, favorite toys, a drink and wipies are a very good idea. If you have a favorite quilt made by Grandma or a book that you read to the kiddos, anything that helps tell the story of your family...bring it with you. 

When will we see some pictures from our session?
After the session, we will upload the images to our computer, and then we will pick a couple of our favorite shots to edit and place on the Charmed Photography Facebook page for a sneak peek of your session. Please feel free to tag yourself, or share the image on your wall. Some sessions will be posted on the Blog after all the editing is completed, but not all. If your session is posted on the blog, a link will be posted on the Charmed Facebook Page.

What about editing?
We would love to get everything back as soon as possible, but with high demand for pictures it may take up to 3-4 weeks for your pictures to be ready (it could take up to 12 wks for large special events i.e. weddings) All the images are sifted through and we select the best ones to edit and then each of those are checked for quality, color, composition, some will be cropped and any touchups will be done. Even though you will hear a lot of snapping from the camera, we will only edit one or two of the best images from each pose, and each location. With a large group, or groups with children, sometimes it takes 5 snaps of the camera to get the one that has everyone looking at the camera with their eyes open....and hopefully we caught all smiles. Not all of our shots require smiles, however when someone in your group is not happy to be having their pictures taken, you can usually tell in the finished product and it does cut down on the amount of images we end up with. helps to bribe them LOL

How will I get my pictures?
All of the edited pictures will be placed in an online Gallery, we do not give unedited or raw images to clients ever. Your Gallery Link will be sent to you by You can download all of the images with one click of a button, and the images will download into a zip file and save onto your computer for you to keep.  You can download the images to as many computers as you wish. Your Gallery will be high resolution, edited to 4x6 sized images unless otherwise indicated. 
Please do not use screenshots due to bad quality, you can download images directly to the phone from the gallery to post.

Do I have to order my prints from you?
You receive a personal print release with your gallery for unlimited printing.  I know some of you aren't great with all the technical stuff of downloading your images and then placing a an online order so we do offer print packages when you book your session and we now offer print packages that you can order after your session as well. If you don't order a print package, then I recommend ordering directly from the online Gallery or using York Photo Lab online for all your print products. Please do not use local chain stores as the quality is much lower than we would like. 

Thank you for choosing Charmed Photography, and thank you for letting us be a part of these special moments in your life. Please feel free to leave us a comment or rating on google,  If you need any further information please feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at 972-801-8534.

**PLEASE note that regular sessions take 3-4 weeks to edit the images that I select and have your Gallery ready for viewing.Thank you for your patience in waiting for your images to be fully processed as I am a one woman show..
***Any refunds will take 30 days processing**

Thank you, 

Coordinating your Fall Outfits
Coordinating Your Spring Outfits
Take some time to coordinate your outfits ahead of time. The outfits you choose will greatly affect the look and feel to your finished images.
Make sure to coordinate the style and colors of all the outfits, but also make sure that each outfit is comfortable.