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About Charmed Photography

 I am an on-location natural light photographer that loves to capture great moments in time for each of my two moments are the same. I like to capture real life portraits, not all posed, with everyone looking at the camera with a smile....some of the best images are captured in between the "poses" so be ready to laugh and smile and maybe do something silly. Photography is my personal passion that I have turned into a growing business here in my hometown of Mesquite, Texas. 
I believe that "Great portraits shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg" so I strive to have affordable prices and flexible packages to fit any size budget. 

I have discovered that 
"Real life is what happens between the poses"
Michele Miller Founder, CEO and Lead Photographer

Hey! I'm Michele, thanks for stopping by!

I'm an extremely passionate soul and feel so incredibly grateful that I am able to make my passion my livelihood. It's fantastic that our paths crossed and that you're just as excited as I am about capturing the most important moments of your life! I do get pretty excited about photography! I totally love what I do, like a lot a lot! 

I am a self taught photographer who loves to capture a laugh, a smile, a hug and a great sunflare in camera. I have tons of ideas, some crazier than others.... I just need to find the right people to go along with them! This is where my love for Senior portraits comes from, they are usually down for my crazy ideas.

I am pretty laid back,  I hate shoes, I would rather be walking around in fuzzy socks, I love sunsets, I love Glitter and PINK is my "signature color" (spoken with a Steel Magnolias southern accent)    You never know what color my hair will be when I show, blue, black, red.
I am a Mom, Grammy, Portrait Photographer, Master Chaos Coordinator, Queen of the Glitterati, WitchyMom Spiritual Badass, Seeker of Positivity and Soccer Coach.  I believe in Karma, angels, ghosts, fairies, magic and that everything is better with glitter. My style in all aspects of my life is very whimsical and eclectic. My home is filled with knick-nacks and memories that create such a good vibe. It's a basic necessity to have a string of fairy lights (okay, multiple) hung around the house at all times and a quilt on the end of the couch to curl up in while I'm watching either the  Hallmark channel or scary ghost shows. 

Charmed Photography; Mesquite Photographer;  Dallas Photographer; Texas photography, North Texas Photographer; Senior Photographer;
Jace   AKA Bubba
Prop Master

High School Senior, artist, #1 Goal Keeper, Honor Roll student and the baby of the family.  He is the wagon wrangler, helps with props, lights smoke bombs and the unrelenting task of holding up the reflector and speedlights. 
Charmed Photography'; Mesquite Photographer
My Tribe
Charmed Photography; Mesquite Photographer;  Dallas Photographer; Texas photography, North Texas Photographer; Senior Photographer;